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The different lines of amenities that we present are produced in Portugal.
This cosmetic line fits perfectly with hotels, restaurants, airlines and shipping as well as in health care providing high quality and graphic design in the final product satisfying the most demanding customers.
We offer a wide range of products from shampoo, shower gel and body lotion. Soaps can be packed in flow pack / paper / Ruffles, sachets and refreshing wipes, to filling lines, capping and labeling bottles, cups and packaging sticks.
Our products are available in 9 lines: Standart: Classical / Aqua / Natura / Charabot Design / Spa / Essentials / Vintage / Vinotherapy, and customization logo of the resorts with prints up to 6 colors / relief / hot stamping.
We have the direct representation of a certified company by the NP EN ISO 9001: 2000, which designs and produces our packaging in flexography, screen printing, offset and pad printing, that allows us to be autonomous and respond with speed, quality and efficiency to all orders.
We also have available a prepress service that allows studies of amenities’s graphic lines of our customers.
Our amenities are present in the most important Portuguese hotels and is trusted by more than 3000 national and international clients.

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