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The vineyard Douro, crossed by the river of the same name, offers unique landscapes. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes of our Portugal.
Was considered by UNESCO "World Heritage Site" by its characteristics.
Douro is one of the wildest and harshed regions of Portugal where you can witness the intervention of man along the entire length of the river slopes. This intervention is visible in the thousands of terraces across the region, defying gravity of the steep slopes where the vineyards are located. Among many vine varieties are the following five red wine varieties, “Tinta Barroca”, “Tinta Roriz”, “Tinto Cão”, “Touriga Franca” and “Touriga Nacional”, selected by the excellence in the production of Port wine.
No less renowned we have the white varieties “Gouveio”, “Malvasia Fina”, “Moscatel”, “Rabigato” e “Viosinho”, and red wine varieties “Sousão” and “Tinta Amarela” (Trincadeira).

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