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The Muscat is a generous wine, slightly sweet, obtained through the caste with the same name, being produced in two main wine regions of Portugal, Setúbal Peninsula and Douro.
Both wines for being produced in different regions has flavors and aromas they also differentiated. Muscat presents with floral aromas, citrus and grapes with its aromatic caste.
Although with numerous variants around the world two major Muscat wine references widely known in the world are produced in Portugal,they are “Moscatel de Alexandria” (Setúbal) and “Moscatel Galego Branco“ (Douro).
The vineyards of the Setubal region have over a century of history, are inserted in the limestone hills of “Serra da Arrábida“ and have controlled designation of origin (PDO), giving rise to the best Muscat grapes.
Similarly, also with Controlled Denomination of Origin are the vineyards that give rise to the Douro Muscat. Vines are found throughout the Douro region, but particularly in high areas as “Alijó” and “Favaios”, coming from this last region most of Muscat with PDO.

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