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Portugal is a small country with simple and genuine people, but also with growing academic and professional capacities, passing by the wine production, a result of our famous winemakers (Port Wine known worldwide), as several table wines coming from the different Portuguese regions (Alentejo, Douro, Dão, Bairrada).
We have always believed in our producers and our brand products. They are a national reference in different sectors, footwear, textile, our cork, our wines, cheeses, our salt, olive oil, rice, jams, fruit liqueurs made strictly with Portuguese products, etc. .... So many delicacies.
Humility and the ancestral knowledge with which Portuguese people handle their products (the bread, the sausages, the wine, the olive oil among many other specialties), make them uniques and so "rich" that they are certainly a delicacy, a real "Food of the Gods".

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