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These cheeses we selected for you are part of a legacy of families dedicated to a quality cheese production that has been preserved over time. Coming from a typical craft production region of inland Portugal, “Cova da Beira”, close to peak of Portugal, “Serra da Estrela”.
Fresh milk is collected from local farms and used in its raw and purest form. The manufacturing process inherited decades, involves the use of natural coagulants: the thistle, of plant origin, for the production of pure sheep buttery cheese, and curd of animal origin for other cheeses. All this to keep alive a centuries-old heritage...
In this group of cheeses we have the primacy of having an “ex-libris” of Portugal in this sector: the Yellow Cheese “Queijo Amarelo da Beira Baixa”. It was magazine cover, along with other cheeses, on the renowned magazine "Wine Spectator" with the theme "100 Great Cheeses."
One of the best in the world ...

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