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About Us

We intend to be a "Portuguese flag".

Inverse to the Discoveries, going through the same continents, but this time to take to the World our specialties and our treasures, Whitecash is the ideal partner for the Portuguese producers to reveal to the world the best we have.

Presentation of members

Susana Marques

Managing Partner and Founder

Managing Partner and Founder of WhiteCash Lda., is the driving force of the Company and this Project. Her passion for different and traditional Portuguese Gourmet Products encouraged her, to take these traditional produces, which are an icon of our country across international borders. Being a dynamic and adventurous person by nature she is also a Specialist trained and experienced in Natural Medicine serving the society with a cause of social responsibility. This also initiated her to select food products which are based with unique values and are natural, pure, organic and rare in cultivation and process of manufacture.

Ademar Patrão

Managing Partner and Head of Exports Division

Managing Partner and Head of Exports Division Mr. Ademar is dynamic and hardworking by core nature. Having taken upon the responsibility of the WhiteCash Project shoulder to shoulder along with Founder Susana Marques. Under his expert guidance and responsibility of Managerial and Client Support Systems he is committed to take the Export Portfolio of the company to new levels of success, managing the company's entire customer base, as well as maintain a close interaction and dialogue with each producer and client.

Mr. Chetan Parikh

Director of Jupiter Consulting Asia

Director of Jupiter Consulting Asia which is marketing and design company based in India serving the food and hospitality industry for over a decade to key markets like Asia, Africa, Russia, Middle East, China, Japan, and Australia. Now recently have also step foot in the American Hospitality and Food and Beverages Industry. Having worked with several major hospitality organizations and worlds leading group of luxury hotels, resorts and Spa's ,cruise liners, Jupiter Consulting provides a comprehensive understanding of human resources system, marketing, brand and image development, and also generate a robust web presence for its customers. Known for its reputation in quality thinking, clear and creative communication ensuring successful results. Jupiter Consulting moves with complete industry and territory familiarity and is determined to showcase a variety of high quality food products from the European Union to the most prestigious clients across the globe. WhiteCash is the Associate Partner of Jupiter Consulting Asia across the globe serving the most demanding customers.

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