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We bring you a traditional product and yet an absolute novelty. In Portugal we have an old habit of serving cold drinks in warmer months to relieve thirst. From the kiosks, the brand expanded to the cordial syrups (concentrates to be diluted in water). A tradition brought back in style, following traditional techniques and using only the finest natural ingredients.
Besides the more conventional use in refreshments, these syrups are equally delicious as sauce for ice cream or yogurt, crepes or pancakes. We can explore its use at preparation of cocktails, with milk or sparkling water and a slice of lemon. In the kitchen, it can enrich cakes, cookies or even savory dishes.
They are presented in plastic bottles, practices and unbreakable (700ml capacity), which can travel around the world with a really lovely and attractive label, which stands out on any shelf.
The bottle contents (700 ml) may give 6.3 liter refreshment (diluting 1 part syrup, 8 water).

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